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Hello, World good morning to you all I hope you enjoy your day. Try and enjoy every day as you’ll never have this day again so try and enjoy it as much as possible.


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I find Sunday’s are so depressing, the thought of waking up early going to work tomorrow feel awful, If I was in government I would defiantly make Monday a day off.

Why Do People Have Affairs?

screenshot_2017-02-16-22-36-19-1Why do people have affairs? According to research conducted by me Angelica Lee the reason for people having affairs is often associated with one person feeling neglected or ignored by their partner therefore leaving them craving intimacy. To have great companionship in a relationship is often key to a long and happy marriage or partnership.

Due to the reasearch carried out by myself I discovered that In a 1991 a study conducted by sex researcher Shere Hite found that 70 percent of married women have had affairs behind there partners back and in a 1993 follow-up study found that 72 percent of married men have indulged in an affairs.

I believe that monogamy is the way to go when it comes to a marriage or partnership as cheating can cause so much upset and distress when the other party finds out about the betrayal.’

What Would I do If I Discovered My Partner Had Been Having An Affair ?

Initially I would be in a deep state of shock, The Hurt and upset would be so hard to deal with if  something like this was to happen. In my experience of knowing friends and family who experienced this situation with their partner’s often they have said it’s common to feel a wide range of emotions at the start of finding out something shocking Then the feeling of stupidity and inadequacy set’s in “How Could I Not Have Known?” is often the question among many who uncover a betrayal, But when a situation is designed to be a secret how can anyone know what’s going on. Having encountered many men and women who have had a secret relationship have told me that they love and often adore their husband’s and wife’s and the thought of going through life without them would seem intolerable. “So why have an affair?” Often the enjoyment of having a traditional home life has as many benefits emotionally and financially as well as sexually but the idea of having someone just as special outside of the marriage is often just as fulfilling often the reason for the affair is based on going out trying different places, Bars,Restaurant’s,Day Trips and holidays that are not of interest to the oblivious husband’s and wife’s.

But How Oblivious Are Men And Women Really? Have you ever suspected your partner is unfaithful? Ever thought there might be more than two of you in the marriage ?

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.By Angelica Lee

Learning To Drive

If there’s anything that’s has genuinely shocked and surprised me it’s the fact that I hate driving and have no real interest in even learning to drive.

Everyone I know all my friends and family can drive mostly, took a few lesions did their theory and what do you know now there wissing around all over the place as for me I can’t think of anything worse I dread lessons and find the whole thing utter rubbish, I have had three different driving instructors since the age of eighteen and yet still I’m no further forward, I’m twenty years of age now !!! Will I ever learn ??? img_20161011_003900