Do You Follow Your Instinct’s ?

Recently I applied for two separate competitions that are both rather similar, however the first competition has 9 winners where as the second  has only 7 winners! When I applied for both competitions I never truly believed that I would even be selected so on a sunny Thursday morning I woke up, like most people one of the very first things I do is check Social Media and Emails to find out what’s been happening over night. Picking up my phone once past my pin password the words “Congratulations You Have Been Selected For Our Upcoming Competition” appeared on my screen, Delighted with this news a sense of extreme excitement began to kick in, then came the Adrenalin rush, But just when I thought I had received good news only one day later even more amazing  news was to come when I received yet another email confirming my position in the finals of  the second competition that in my zest I had totally forgotten all about. Once my excitement had subsided I just had a strong urge to choose only one of the contests and participate in one only! I have no idea is to why or where this feeling has come from but every time I think of the second competition I have a better gut feeling about taking part. Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-53-57-1Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-54-35-1

. By Angelica Lee


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