Film And Television Extra Work



So recently myself and 100 other male and female extras participated in a project know as “Morning Glorie” this was part of the newly lunched PayPal advert that took place at 3 Mile Studios based in Hoxton East London, the whole day was fantastic and everything went according to plan, I absolutely loved taking part as my role was a raver dressed in a mix of sports, and dance wear as required, sitting up at the table having my make-up professionally done and looking  at the end result was an amazing experience. Once all of my  Make-Up was complete and our costumes were inspected to ensure nothing was out-of-place, we where all called into a massive room with old wooden floors and big windows, once we where all assembled in our places and the instructions were given by the director the music was played, and there we all where jumping up and down for the next two hours braking out into a sweat, but by the end of the day all we where all provided with bottles of water and refreshments by our very kind Casting Agent Gemma and her team. At the end of it all I came out having had loads of fun and make some new friends all in all it worked out fantastic.

.By Me Angelica Lee


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