Green Tea Health Benefits

At the age of seventeen  I walked into my kitchen n to see my mother drinking a cup of Green liquid, there and then I learned about Green Tea I took one sip and was instantly hooked, since drinking green tea I completely gave up drinking normal English breakfast tea. 

Green Tea Health Benefits 

.Powerful Antioxidant 

.Full Of Vitamins 

.Cancer Prevention 

.Ease Diarrhea 

.Lower Cholesterol 

According to research Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful physical effects on the body. Green tea contains B vitamins, folate (naturally occurring folic acid. Fresh leaves from the plant area steamed to produce green tea, reduce cholesterol, combat, cardiovascular disease and prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease,  Green tea is also alleged by many to boost weight loss. 

.By Angelica Lee




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