New Restaurant Cause’s A Stair!

A small London eatery know as The Organic Kitchen has come to newspaper attention after enforcing a no-children policy. It would seem that this ten table  restaurant has been  the cause of quite a stir since there restaurant posted a sign on the front door announcing an outright ban on children. For some people when they thought things   surely couldn’t get any worse, the same establishment has now axed children’s  pram’s and strollers. According to the owners of the small eatery they have introduced the ban from a Health and Safety perspective. Despite this restaurants controversial approach I do feel that they have somewhat the right attitude in more than one area covering health and safety aspects as well as remaining mindful of customers thoughts and feelings involving  relaxing in a peaceful environment without the disruption of young children.  Whilst the no children in restaurants debate is one of those issues that will forever rage on The Organic Kitchen states how it’s standing by its policy.  

Having worked directly in the Catering industry there are so many rules and regulations to abide by. On reading this article I can’t help but strongly agree with decisions made by the proprietors of the establishment as from a Health and Safety perspective one has to look at this situation in a calm and sensible manner, remaining open-minded to the fact that it’s a small ten seater restaurant and the unstoppable dangers of  having  strollers and young anagetic children in such close proximity of each other, carries a great deal of risk especially where hot food, and drink’s are concerned. It’s important for all risks to staff as well as customers to be minimized as much as possible. Unfortunately when it comes to running a business there are  many decisions to make and not everyone is going to necessarily agree with. Weather your dining out in an up market restaurant or you’ve just dropped into a small cosy Cafe, everyone likes to relax, enjoy and take their time in a safe environment with as little distraction as possible. 

writing And research Carried Out   By Me Angelica Lee 




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