The Perfect Gift At Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas

Across many parts of the country and corners of the world the recent topic of conversation is Christmas! Whilst Christmas is a fantastically exciting time of year, exciting Christmas light’s, beautiful decorations, hilarious Christmas moves and delicious food are just some of the things that many people look forward to at the end of every year.

Leading up to the big day most parents will be worrying did they buy their children enough? Is what they bought for their children the correct items that they wanted?

But in the mist  of this Christmas mayhem and worry where is Jesus? Yes Jesus you know that guy that was hung on the cross? “Oh yes”, So many people reply when I mention his name” At this time of year It really doesn’t take much to remember Jesus at a time like this as it’s cost free and extremely simple to sit for a few minuets to think, pray and give thanks for what we have even though you may not have much in life, You might not own that massive mansion-house with five car’s parked in the drive holiday’s four times a year and living in Hollywood doesn’t mean to say that you can’t be happy and content at Christmas.

You might not have all that but you might be in physically great shape, your health might be perfect, you may not have the stresses and worries that people who live in the big houses with expensive cars parked in the drive might have, Yet physically and mentally your health maybe in better shape, you might have genuine friends who like you and care about you for who you are and don’t just want to be seen around town with you just because your that guy with loads of money and a big house.

From time to time we all need to remain grounded and focused on the positives before we try to look for the next best thing.

You need to look for the hidden treasures in your life and learn to appreciate them.

By Me Angelica Lee 


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