The Joy’s Of Christmas Cake’s

There are many enjoyable things about Christmas. Visiting family that you haven’t seen all year, giving and receiving presents, the look of  joy on the faces of your loved one’s and not forgetting the Food of course. 

Food at Christmas has always played an important part of the whole  Christmas experience, However there are some people like myself that don’t enjoy the traditional Christmas pudding as I genuinely can’t stand the taste of the Brandy  in the pudding,Or that awkward feeling of being kindly handed a bowl of what you least enjoy by some family member that you’ve not seen in at least ten years, and then the worse part of having to smile nicely, take a few mouthfuls when really you want to spit it out and dash for some water, Come on we have all have that happen! 

General life experience has shown me that we are not all the same and like me so many people can’t stand the usual tradition of Christmas pud , so for those of you who are slightly more adventurous here I have added a few ideas of the perfect Christmas deserts.

Christmas Biscuits, Delicious treat for all get the little one’s in the kitchen to assemble these cute festive delights. 500g, Plain Flour, 250g Butter or Margarine, 140g icing Sugar, 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract. 1 Tablespoon Of Milk. 
Ingredients: Malteser Chocolate Pudding, 11/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1 Cup Milk, 190g Butter 11/4 Cup Self Raising Flour, 3/4 Cup Plain Flour 3/4 Cup Cocoa Powder, 4 Eggs, 300g Dark Chocolate Melts, 125 mls Thickened, Cream, 30g Butter, 465g Maltesers, 200g White Chocolate Melts, 2 Jaffas.
Christmas Reindeer Style  Cup Cakes, Everyone one loves Cup Cakes and a good idea to get all the family together To Create Something Truly Wonderful. 4 Eggs, 200g Self Raising Flour, 200g, Caster Sugar, 200g Sulted Butter, Vanilla Extract, Or any other flavor of your choosing,  2 Tsp Baking soda.  

Writin By Me Angelica Lee


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