New York,At Christmas


Christmas In New York


So it’s that time of year again! Once again we find ourselves deciding what to buy our loved one’s for Christmas, Well it seems that New York has all there is to offer in the run up of the big day with the worlds best department stores, including Bloomingdale’s which first opened in 1927 occupying a full city block  this store is home to a wide range of fashions including cloths and accessories by Marc Jacobs, D & G and Calvin Klein, Whilst  Fifth Avenue is filled with hundreds of beautiful restaurants s as well as vast range of designer shops featuring Chanel,Uniqlo 5th Avenue, LF Stores New York Inc and Anne Fontaine.  fifth avenue fosters a fun and enjoyable shopping experience leading to the world-renowned Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and more Various high-end stores.So when it comes to being lost for choice there’s is no excuse in the Big Apple with so much to offer you are sure to find the perfect christmas gifts.     

New York Lights?

Weather you are purchasing gift’s or just strolling by window shopping with a Star Bucks in hand, you are sure not to be disappointed at the spectacular Christmas lights New York City is bursting with, As one day after thanksgiving the neighborhood of Dyker Heights undergoes a transformation as residents along several blocks decorate their homes with the most elaborate Christmas decorations, from life-size reindeer’s, inflatable Snowman and Santa. The Rockefeller Center is best known for it’s Tree that is classed as a world-wide symbol of the holiday session in New York. The Rockefeller Christmas tree was lit for the first time on Wednesday, 30th of November thousands from near and far crowded round for the event as millions watched live all over the world as the tree was lighten.,The tree remains lighten until 7pm-9pm in January 2017.

Why Not Take A Tour?

New York offers a small range of Tours around the city these tours are the perfect way to explore the city, designed to please even the most budget conscious of travelers ensure that they get the very best out of there tour offers 48 hours of double Decker sightseeing from Downtown,Uptown and Harlem,Brooklyn and Night Tour Routes.







This was Writin And Researched By Me Angelica Lee


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