Tiara Ring’s, The New Trend

screenshot_2016-12-10-01-02-15-1So more recently on  Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms I have seen a rising trend in both Crown and Tiara rings, these new on the high street rings are bang on trend as they are being talked about and photographed across social media appearing in different colours, shapes,styles and sizes these beauties are sure to make the perfect present this Christmas. With the well-known brand Pandora selling them for as little as £40.00 according to the price displayed on there website. as well as in there high street stores. 

The reason that I find these type of rings so beautiful is that not only are they stunning to look at,  like many of you will remember growing up how you and your best friend may have worn a friendship bracelet to illustrate your friendship to the outside world I think that eventually these could make the next generation of wedding bands, unlike  the classic silver or gold rings with little or no design or decoration I feel that the Tiara and  Crown could become the perfect rings to symbolize a male and female courtship. 

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