A Nightmare Neighbor Story!

screenshot_2016-12-09-04-58-01-1At the age of seven myself and my mother moved from the outskirts of South London to a small East Sussex town known as Peacehaven., after six month’s of renting a property my mother eventually purchased a three bedroom semi-detached house on the corner of a small close making it the 12th house out of the 14 homes. The the neighborhood seemed like the perfect place to raise a child and live in relative peace and harmony, But little did we know that within four months of moving in we would be left fearing for our lives.

We had been living at the property since March 2004, all of the neighbors appeared friendly saying the cursory good morning, waving or saluting when driving in or pulling out of the close, everything was going seemingly well and with the sea front less than two miles from our front door it seemed that I was growing up in an idyllic setting. After a few weeks we felt that we had settled in rather well the neighbors where still as friendly as ever. But there was one neighbor thirteen year old Laura Yeats who little did we know was rather unhappy with our arrival in the close.

When one July afternoon I was walking home from the park at the end of the road, when I heard someone shouting my name I glance up and there was Laura calling me a “Bitch and a dirty little slag” as well as making extreme threats of violence threatening to come over and stab me to death, A deep sense of fear ran through me I stood frozen to the spot my heart-felt as if it was beating out of my chest, I stood looking up at the window in horror, I could feel a sensation of fear rushing from the souls of my feet into my thighs before finally settling in my stomach, I realised that I was shaking in pure terror I had no idea what had sparked such a rage, taking a deep breath attempting to compose myself I managed to walk slowly to my front door, By the time I arrived outside the door Laura had disappeared from the bedroom window, I had no time to speculate as my only concern was getting into the house as fast as I possibly could. I had no idea that this was only the beginning of an eight year battle between myself and Laura.

For the next eight years I became the victim of relentless tirades of verbal abuse as well as regular threats of violence, Here I was age seven years old having to defend myself against a teenage girl who seemed to have a pathological hatred of me and what for? I had absolutely no idea. I felt scared to leave the house to play outside or to even go to the shop’s on my own without needing to pre-pair for a possible verbal onslaught, due to living in a small area it became blindingly obvious that I was not the only the main target of her abuse in fact the people who lived next door to the Yeats family, and been experiencing problems with them from the time they moved in with the first issue starting with noise level when challenging Mr and Miss Yeats they were faced with hostility and refusals from them to rain in their daughters wayward behavior.

After many sleepless nights, death threats, load music and fowl mouthed fights, eventually one evening things came to a head as I was walking home luckily for me my headphones that ordinarily I would wear on this occasion where broken, as I was walking along the path I heard a screeching sound of breaks just then I jumped round and there was a silver KA car driving directly towards me with no plans to stop before I could think I immediately jumped out-of-the-way, as the car nearly hit me sitting behind the wheel of the car was Laura Yeats with a group of young male passengers in the car, that was it this was the final straw, after eight years it was time to move on and look to move somewhere else, after a few years I am pleased to say that I live in a completely different area with some wonderful neighbors on either side. 

Writin My Me Angelica Lee 

this story is a factual situation that I had to live through from 2004 to 2012.  

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