A Charity On The Brink


The Sand Sun And Special Needs company better known as the SSSN company was launched in March of 2015, Since the opening of the charity in 2015 there main aim has been to enable termly ill children as well as help children with disabilities to get the very best out of life spending time with loved one’s in the comfort of static caravan’s provided by the Company. According to SSSN the response from the public as well as business owners was phenomenal and with the help and on going support of a number of businesses including Blue Anchor, Leisure Skegness, Fantasy Island Ingoldmells Martin And Parker Furniture, Ascot Drive Derby, Sunnydecks Ingoldmells, within the first year SSSN where donated a static Caravan as well as being entered into a draw set to win a 25k sum which they successfully won, Due to there winnings this enabled the company  to purchase there second caravan, According to the company’s website everything was going from strength to strength so much so that there 2016 goal was to give away at least 200 free caravan holiday’s to victims of serious sexual or physical assault. The founder of SSSN has three shop’s in the Derby area which raise funds for the company, the money raised allows the ground rent maintenance and funds the holiday’s to go ahead.
However more recently the SSSN company have been under scrutiny for what appears to be an outstanding council tax bill. Derby council have claimed that there’s an outstanding council tax bill due to a non registration of SSSN company! I spoke to Mr Michael Ryan the founder of the UK community group Sand, Sun And Special Needs, and he told me that the real problem lies with never registering the company as a “Charity” in fear of others  running it, according to Mr Ryan he has run the the company for nearly three years since he opened it. As a result of this the tax bill it now seems that Mr Ryan will no longer be able to give away free holiday’s to some of society’s most vulnerable people as well as facing an extortionat bill, this could see the end to a truly brilliant company and the prospect of imprisonment for Mr Rhyan if the bill remains unpaid.


My Personal View Of Things 

I personally find this situation extremely unfair, yet not completely unsolvable my general fear in this instance is that a fantastic company that is actively making a real difference to the lives of people who are termly ill or who suffer from a disability offering them and there family a chance to maybe have a once in a life time experience of a holiday that ordinarily they maybe unable to afford. We have been hear before ! In the past year the public watched on whilst Kid’s Company headed by By Miss Camilla Batmanghelidjh was brought to it’s knees, despite the government finding many issues relating to kid’s company and what it’s funding was being spent on. I must add the many good benefits that the company had going for it Free Advice, practical, emotional and educational support to up to 36,000 for deprived and vulnerable inner-city children and young people. I strongly feel, It would be a tragic shame to see yet another company in the space of a year demolished, only in this instance for the purpose of a tax and registration issue alone, It seems that the underpinning issue lies with the registration as it was never actually registered as a charity, in fact it was registered as a social enterprise. 

Written And Researched By Me Angelica Lee 

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