Child Birth

A British mother allowed her four-year old daughter Jessica to watch her give birth to her  brother, According to the interview Vivian Peppit granted to This Morning Talk Show It was Jessicas choice to watch her mother give birth as Jessica had asked could she be present at the birth of her unborn brother. Vivian claims that she was honest with four year old Jessica about the nature of the scene that she would be witnessing and feels that as a mother she prepared her daughter by being as honest as according to Vivian she says also showing her daughter videos of of women giving birth “I didn’t lie,I told her there was going to be blood and shouting” So it wasn’t a shock because of that; says Vivien. According to Vivian it was a calming experience having Jessica present during the birth that took place in there family home.
My Personal Experience
I can still remember the day, age thirteen standing in my mothers bedroom hovering over her whilst she held a long white pregnancy test in her right hand, we stared hard at the test just praying for the second blue line to appear, After a few minuets of an anxious wait eventually a second blue line became visible, filled with both excitement and fear I was over joyed to finally become a big sister. Nine months later I found myself on the fifth floor of Brighton And Hoves maternity ward standing beside my mother as she gave birth, nothing much had been explained to me about what the reality of watching child birth at first hand might be like. Through out the nine month period only occasionally I thought about the day of the big arrival, each time I thought about it the feeling of excitement washed over me and often i’d find myself re checking the date on the calendar. After hours of a contractions finally the doctor’s made a decision to use a Ventouse to suck my brother out rather than my mother continue to push with no positive result,Eventually I began to see a small orange ball shape emerge from my mothers vagina I realised it was the cap covering the babies head, after nine long months the moment was hear, walking around the side of the bed a tall slim nurse of Asian nurse t handed me a little bundle, it was my brother! Nothing was really explained to me about what being a teenaged birthing partner would be like, All I can say It was a life experience to be proud of watching a new life come into the world! 

Writin And Researched My Me Angelica Lee

Source  This Morning Talk Show


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