Are You A Cat Lover?

Nearing the end of a busy working day do you ever look at the clock and find yourself overcome with joy at the thought of it being almost time for you to leave? The thought of going home after a long day, taking off your shoes, sitting back in your most comfortable chair sipping your favorite hot beverage with your Cat cuddling up beside you must also sound like a rather appealing idea.

So what if there was a place where you could enjoy the company of seventeen adorable Felines, enjoy delicious food and drink chosen from a well organised menu, allow yourself to sit back relax whilst watching mischievous cat’s play, sleep and generally do whatever they desire?  Well if you think this is what you would like to do then you need to visit the beautiful yet dynamic world of Cat Village London, This amazing Cafe enhances and embraces the life of Cat’s as well as people who love and adore them.

When I first heard  the concept of a Cat Cafe my ears pricked up, this sounded like an amazing and wonderful idea, that people could relax and de-stress surrounded by there favorite animals. Whatever you interests or beliefs I strongly advise anyone to go and visit Cat Village London For Themselves as it’s just another interesting life experience.

Well since hearing about London Cat Cafe It transpires that they have proven popular in Japan according to my research there is yet another Cat Cafe opening in Bristol charging people £5.00 per entry and a maximum of 16 people are permitted at one time. It seems that Cat Cafes had there origin in Taiwan, with one opening in Taipei in 1998. It seems they have grown increasingly popular in Japan with Tokyo being home to 58 cat cafes as of 2015.




Written And Researched By Me Angelica Lee Mt Research Sources Cat Cafe-Wikipedia and








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