When reading this horrific story of the abducted jogger Sherri Ppini, I just couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of empathy for everything that this poor mum of two had been subjected to . Papini an innocent women, loving wife and mother was out doing something that so many thoroughly enjoy doing when she was abducted by two female captors . It’s so frighting to think that we live in a world where people are capable of behaving in such a brutal and violent manner makes my blood run cold . According to Keith Papini husband the abducted jogger he’s wife “screamed so hard she coughed blood “ when two female captors cut her free after being allegedly tortured, starved and beaten in a viscous ordeal spanning three-weeks.

I read many articles everyday both online as well as in the newspaper’s in a twenty year life time naturally have come across some of the most profoundly shocking, distressing and upsetting stories, but when reading one’s like this I can’t help but think who do these individuals think they are? To take another human being and have the attitude of “I can do what I like with you.” The feeling of helplessness people who are victims of must face daily whilst there captors exert control over them , I suspect that Miss Papini will undoubtedly suffer from post traumatic stress as a result of he ordeal, the psychological impact will be massive , however nothing is completely unmanageable and with the wright help and support in place there can be a more positive outcome . As for me Angelica Lee my thoughts are with the family at this moment in time.

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