Appearance And Professionalism

 Appearance Mistakes That Could Be Holding You Back At Work

According to an article published by the Business Insider uk there can be at least nine things about your appearance that are holding you back from smashing that dream promotion.

In a recent survey carried out from career Builder shows that when hiring managers company’s often take into consideration a persons physical appearance. When reading this article I just couldn’t help but find myself growing rather concerned with the idea of basing hard decisions on a persons appearance is some how rather unfair as I strongly believe in making choices based on education, experience and knowledge unfortunately we live in a heavenly judgmental world, where 27% were less likely to an employee a person with visible tattoos, I find this grossly unfair as having met a significantly large sample size of the population many having viable tattoos but also appear to hold down long-term professions I find this rather unfortunate.

Do we need to have a re-think when we have a tattoo?

Making a choice to have a tattoo is not a decision to be taken lightly as this is a life time choice, however a persons professional working ability’s should be taken into consideration over a visible tattoo. Growing up in Brighton in the mid 00’s I was surrounded by many student’s and young people with tattoo’s it seemed that just about every young person had wired and wonderful designs from Celtic inspired designs across their chests to tattooed “sleeves” covering both arms from shoulder to wrist. In life I think accepting people for who they are is a better attitude in the work place once a person feels accepted rather than judged this could lead to a better working relationship between both employer’s and employee’s as well as other co-workers.

Writin  By Angelica Lee


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