Creative Writing


Sylvia’s Mother, The Story Behind The Song

One evening In 1972 I arrived at my good friend Sylvia’s house, We were both seventeen at the time Sylvia was dating a local guy from down Galveston way tall, slim, with golden hair flowing past her waist Sylvia had certainly proved to be one of the more popular girls at Junior High . Me and her had been friends since middle school, since the day we first met, well we were pretty much inseparable.

One evening I called round to Sylvia’s house, to pick up a book that she had left for me to pick up.

Sylvia’s mother opened the door, looking me up and down in a rather sternly manor, “Good evening mam,” “Is Sylvia there?” I asked nervously “She’s out can I take a message?” Her mother replied abruptly. Unfortunately for Sylvia her mother was a tall stern women who wore big black glasses and often would wear the same navy blue dress with small white polka dots all over.

Just then the phone rang, Sylvia’s mother glanced over looking at the phone, looking back at me our eyes locked “I felt nervous” “Come in and take a seat” I stepped into the small narrow lobby, The phone was still ringing I looked at the phone expecting her to answer ,“Take a seat,” Sylvia’s mother pointed to a small sitting room.

I took a seat just then, she turned on her heels pulled out the door and awnserd the phone “Sylvia is to busy to come to the phone,”I looked around in astonishment, Then I heard Sylvia is packing She’s gonna be leaving today, I could not believe it. Next thing I heard a key being twisted in the lock “Sir won’t you call back again.“Who is that she asked?” “Never you mind Sylvia’s mother replied.” As for me well, I never told anyone what went on that night.


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