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.The Diary Of A Pageant Girl.


My Pageant Journey began at the age of 15 when I first became hooked on American  hit T.V reality show that centered around the glamourus and dynamic world of  Beauty Pageants. Sitting at home watching on in admiration of so many beautiful women and girls with amazing confidence as well as show stopping beauty, I could not help myself but admire there stunning sparkling dresses, beautiful Make-Up and spectacular Jewellery. When watching Pageants on television I would never have believed that one day I to would become a contestant or even be selected  in such a spectacular contest as unlike many teenagers I had little to no interest in taking part in even the most basic of hobby’s or interests.

When thinking about taking part in a Pageant I never thought that I could ever do something as fantastically fun as a Pageant as firstly like countless people including other Pageant candidates I talk to believed  that Pageants where only held in America and never in any other country’s. One afternoon whilst surfing the internet I chose to looking up British Pageants eventually I came across Miss Hertfordshire International. Reading through all of the terms and conditions of the contest I could not help considering at the age of  21  deciding  to  apply to the competition attempting to make my Pageant Girl dreams become a reality. Within one hour I received a new message confirming my position within a local pageant, the feeling of pure excitement was just overwhelming when  receiving the conformation email  Immediately I began telling everyone my good news.  Scrolling down past  the confirmation letter I was met with all of the requirements for the day, Charity money and followed by three different  outfits that I had to wear.

1st Little Black Dress With Silver Sandal Shoes.

2nd Eco or Retro Style Dress.

3rd Evening Ball Gown.

Opening my diary my eyes widened when looking at the dates realizing  I only 12 days to go before the Pageant, With such little time and so  much to do how on earth was I going to fit all of this in? as well as working  48 hour per week this seemed a draining thought.   After arranging some days off from work finally I managed to feel calmer, looking at my days off and thinking  about finances I arranged a day to go dress shopping and have my nails done.

The Day Of Dress Shopping

Opening the doors of a dress shop I was surrounded by beautiful unique dresses of many different  colors followed by stunning sparkling Jewellery from Bracelets, Necklaces to  Crowns and Tiaras. Who would have thought that all of this  glamour’s decision-making could prove so tough, after spending at lest 2 hours of looking at a different variety of dresses and going into other  London Dress shops finally I chose the dresses of my dreams. Slipping a  beautiful Champagne colored Ball Gown covered in silver crystal beads sequins and  Rhinestones I felt like a princes immediately I felt of deeply  satisfied with this stunning shimmering dress I knew then this was the dream dress. Looking at myself in the dressing room mirror I remembered being 15 again and how I felt when watching Pageants on T.V and now finally after so long hear I was feeling on top of the world trying on my first ever Pageant gown. After I had paid for the gown walking out of the dress shop the feeling of happiness washed over me.

           Competition Day

Finally the day of the competition had arrived, I was up first thing out of the house and into a taxi. Making my way into the Hotel and walking into a small reception room sitting opposite me was there was three other pageant girls brushing out there hair,  putting rollers and some applying make-up. By  mid morning all Pageant girls had arrived and now we found ourselves at the end of our first set or rehearsals before lunch. Sitting down to lunch with all of the girls was a fantastic experience to be in the company of such beautiful, smart and intelligent women was a unique experience talking about life careers as well as  Hair, Make-up, Nails after lunch we decided. By seven in the evening the show finally started, the show went amazingly well eventually the  winners were announced  unfortunately I was not one of them but that’s okay,  when I look back at this summers Pageant I took the lunge had great fun and met some truly inspirational young women.

.By Angelica Lee

The 10 Year Time Period

When we think back over the last 10 years often as people we remember what have achieved, where we have been, the people who we know and the people that we once knew. Often when thinking about a ten year time period some might  notice that many individuals that you knew at the start of a decade  you no longer see.

I Can guarantee that as people when we review the decades of our lives depending on our age often a reoccurring pattern will appear that every 10 years there are at least seven to eleven individuals that initially we started out knowing associated with and saw often. But where are they ?  Change happens through our lives from the time of birth, our surroundings change as does  friendship groups however knew people come into your life there for me must embrace change.

.By Angelica Lee

Do You Follow Your Instinct’s ?

Recently I applied for two separate competitions that are both rather similar, however the first competition has 9 winners where as the second  has only 7 winners! When I applied for both competitions I never truly believed that I would even be selected so on a sunny Thursday morning I woke up, like most people one of the very first things I do is check Social Media and Emails to find out what’s been happening over night. Picking up my phone once past my pin password the words “Congratulations You Have Been Selected For Our Upcoming Competition” appeared on my screen, Delighted with this news a sense of extreme excitement began to kick in, then came the Adrenalin rush, But just when I thought I had received good news only one day later even more amazing  news was to come when I received yet another email confirming my position in the finals of  the second competition that in my zest I had totally forgotten all about. Once my excitement had subsided I just had a strong urge to choose only one of the contests and participate in one only! I have no idea is to why or where this feeling has come from but every time I think of the second competition I have a better gut feeling about taking part. Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-53-57-1Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-54-35-1

. By Angelica Lee

A Best Friend ! Or Soul Sister?

Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-42-57-1Sometimes in life you meet people who you just get a  positive vibe about or you just get along with, You and that person feel an instant bond or as some phrase it as an “instant connection,” you say things just at the same time, you love spending time with one another and you even feel as if you have been together in another life or life’s and maybe together in many more to come. Society often uses the term “Soul Mate” many people believe that in this life there’s a soul mate for everyone, and many also widely believe that you can have more than one soul mate in life?  So what about a soul sister? and is there really something called a soul sister? Or even a soul brother?

.By Me Angelica Lee

Film And Television Extra Work



So recently myself and 100 other male and female extras participated in a project know as “Morning Glorie” this was part of the newly lunched PayPal advert that took place at 3 Mile Studios based in Hoxton East London, the whole day was fantastic and everything went according to plan, I absolutely loved taking part as my role was a raver dressed in a mix of sports, and dance wear as required, sitting up at the table having my make-up professionally done and looking  at the end result was an amazing experience. Once all of my  Make-Up was complete and our costumes were inspected to ensure nothing was out-of-place, we where all called into a massive room with old wooden floors and big windows, once we where all assembled in our places and the instructions were given by the director the music was played, and there we all where jumping up and down for the next two hours braking out into a sweat, but by the end of the day all we where all provided with bottles of water and refreshments by our very kind Casting Agent Gemma and her team. At the end of it all I came out having had loads of fun and make some new friends all in all it worked out fantastic.

.By Me Angelica Lee