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Glamour Modelling

Like so many young women  my age I grew up in the 2000’s watching many television shows centered around the amazing and dynamic world of the 21st century modelling industry. Growing up often I would find my mother spending her Saturday and Sunday mornings watching hit T.V show Americas Next Top Model hosted by Actress, Accomplished Model, and Television Personality Tyra Banks. Despite my mothers on going fascination and interest in this industry the modelling world was never an interest of mine, from an early age despite being the tallest girl in my year with an average figure I never for a minuet assumed that one day I would find myself participating in one of the country’s leading Beauty Pageants and later stepping into the world of the British Glamour Industry.


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Do You Follow Your Instinct’s ?

So recently I have applied for two competitions that are both rather similar, however the first competition has 9 winners where as the second competition has only 7 winners! When I applied for both competitions I never truly believed that I would even be selected, so on a sunny Thursday morning I woke up, like most people one of the very first things I do is check out my Social Media and Emails to find out what’s been happening over night. Once getting past my pin password the words “Congratulations You Have Been Selected For Our Upcoming Competition” Delighted with this news a sence of extreme excitement began to kick in, then came the adrenalin rush, But just when I thought I had received good news only one day later even more good news was to come when I received yet another email confirming my position in the finals of second competition that in my zest I had totally forgotten all about. Once my excitement had subsided I just had a strong urge to choose only one of the contests and participate in only one! I have no idea is to why or where this feeling has come from but everytime I think of the second competition I have a better gut feeling about taking part. As yet I have not participated in either competition as they take place in 2018 So let’s wait to see what happens in 2018 when I do a follow up story. Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-53-57-1Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-54-35-1

A Best Friend ! Or Soul Sister?

Screenshot_2017-08-01-19-42-57-1Sometimes in life you meet people who you just get a  positive vibe about or you just get along with, You and that person feel an instant bond or as some phrase it as an “instant connection,” you say things just at the same time, you love spending time with one another and you even feel as if you have been together in another life or life’s and maybe together in many more to come. Society often uses the term “Soul Mate” many people believe that in this life there’s a soul mate for everyone, and many also widely believe that you can have more than one soul mate in life?  So what about a soul sister? and is there really something called a soul sister? Or even a soul brother?

.By Me Angelica Lee

Film And Television Extra Work


So recently myself and 100 other male and female extras participated in a project know as “Morning Glorie” this was part of the newly lunched PayPal advert that took place at 3 Mile Studios based in Hoxton, the whole day was fantastic and everything went according to plan, I absolutely loved taking part as my role was a raver dressed in a mix of sports, and dance wear as required, Sitting up at the table having my make-up professionally done and looking  at the end result was a brilliant experience. Once all of my  Make-Up was done and our costumes were inspected to ensure nothing was out-of-place, we where all called into a massive room with old wooden floors and big windows, once we where all assembled in our places and the instructions were given by the director the music was played, and there we all where jumping up and down for the next two hours braking out into a sweat, but by the end of the day all we where all provided with bottles of water and refreshments by our very kind Casting Agent Gemma and her team. At the end of it all I came out having had loads of fun and make some new friends all in all it worked out fantastic.

.By Me Angelica Lee

What To Do At 30?

I have so many plans for my 20’s, as I’m only 20 now I’m trying to cram in as much as possible. However when I think of turning 30 my mind goes completely blank. So when I get to 30 what will I do ? I have so many  plans, goals, dreams and asperations for my twenty’s, So the question is what are my thirtys future goals going to be ?


Screenshot_2017-04-15-21-47-08-1Easter is a joyful time of year, friends and  family’s coming together to celebrate yet another christian celebration. But are we really remembering the true meaning of Easter? Being surrounded by so many people on a daily basis listening to who’s rushed out and bought the biggest and best Easter egg becomes rather boring as after all this is a time to think about Jesus who was crucified on the cross over 2,000 years ago !!! It would be nice if on Easter morning if people got up and lit a candle as a sign of respect for the pain and suffering than Jesus went through for our sins!!! My plan is to go to church and think about Jesus.

.By Angelica Lee